Game Notes, Their Summary, and Your Summer Planning for 2020-21 Season

Welcome back to another weekly installment of the SJI Coaches Corner series brought to you by Owner and President Jim Walker.

Whatever system you use to evaluate your past season, notes taken during or after games, notes taken after watching video of games, or your post season notes from you and your coaches, the off season is a great time to use those notes to evaluate the season and prepare for the next season.

As a volunteer assistant coach sitting in the stands for the past four seasons, I have been taking notes on things that I see that we can do better. For the first three years I would simply write comments and then compile them into topics sometime in the next 24 hours and then summarize them after several games. These would be regularly shared with the head coach, as well as the other assistants. There was also an end of the season summary prepared.

Two of our previous Coaches Corner blogs, Evaluating the Past Season and Using Your Game Notes for Off-Season Planning, described this along with the system used by John Beilein in Michigan’s run to the 2103 National Championship game. Over time, I became more aware of the number of possessions missed while writing the notes and decided to change the system.

Working with the coaching staff we chose 21 different offensive and defensive topics that we identified as areas of concern to us and made a chart with space for tally marks. By making a tally mark, a coach hardly has to look down and can concentrate on the game better. Many coaches will have a coach doing this already on the bench for various topics.

Here is an example of a chart for some ideas that may help you and your team. Also, here is what a summary chart might look like and how to use for the post season analysis. These documents are for you to use as you want and feel free to download them and tailor them specifically for your team.

We hope you can find something in this blog to help you for this off-season as well as for future seasons. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Some of this information have you interested? Keep an eye on our blog for more thoughts throughout the summer as we continue this series of comments from our Owner and President Jim Walker. Let us know at if there is a specific topic you are interested in.

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