Want to Tour Other Countries?

Even though our focus is Irish and Portuguese Journeys, several coaches have inquired about tours to other countries. Although we will continue to focus on tours on these countries, our favorite destinations for basketball and tennis travel, some teams may have recently traveled to the Emerald Isle or The Iberian Peninsula, and on their next tour would prefer an alternate destination or they just might have a preference for travel to another country. Jim Walker has taken his teams on tours that have included travel to 10 other countries and has the experience and connections to plan and conduct additional basketball journeys. Additionally, with Jeremy Walker currently living in France he has traveled extensively to 21 different countries throughout Europe which he would be happy to share his expertise on.

Even if we have not provided a sample trip below to a country you are interested in contact us today and we would be happy to discuss the tour options in that country. Clicking on any of the links below will provide a rough outline of suggested tours to a few selected countries that we have experience in.