Fifteen Great Websites to Help You with Your Summer Planning

We hope this edition of SJI Coaches Corner finds you well during these difficult and trying times. With everyone sheltered in place and the season over, this is a great time to both review the past season and begin planning for 2020-21. Our Owner and President, Jim Walker, returns with the 5th installment of this highly received series. Below is a list of fifteen websites that you might find helpful while doing some of your off-season planning. 

The first link might be a great place to start since they have live clinics that are currently being conducted and you can even watch replays of clinics that have already taken place. Just like players, coaches need to constantly strive to improve their coaching and knowledge of the game. If you missed any of our earlier editions of #SJIcoachescorner click here to find them.

We hope you can find something in this blog to help you for this off-season as well as for future seasons. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Some of this information have you interested? Keep an eye on our blog for more thoughts throughout the summer as we continue this series of comments from our Owner and President Jim Walker. Let us know at if there is a specific topic you are interested in.

Are you thinking of taking an international team tour some time down the road? We would love to help you get started planning. Whether it’s Ireland, Canada, or any of our alternative sample tours, or even somewhere else you had in mind. Contact us, or call us at 610-390-9298 for more details.

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