Using Your Game Notes for Off-Season Planning

Following up our earlier blog, “Evaluating the Past Season”, we want to suggest another method for evaluating the past season and then preparing a master plan for the upcoming season.

This is a method that I utilized for many seasons and one that requires someone on the team bench take notes during the game. These notes can be comments by the head coach, the assistants, or just things that the note taker notices during the game. At the end of the season, these comments can be compiled into a master list, with an indication of the number of times the topics appear in the notes. The topics appearing at the greatest frequency then become the areas that need work in order to have the team make progress. Many teams also use these notes during time outs and to review before half-time talks.

I have provided a sample of a hypothetical season for you to see how this works. In this document, “Master List“, you will find a list of the topics and the number of times that they appeared in the game notes.

You can then create a second list “Summary” which contains all of topics that appeared 20 or more times during the season and assume that these are the areas that need the most attention going into the next season. This list can also contain some analysis of the topic and what needs to be done to improve that specific topic.

I hope this idea, along with those in the earlier blogs help you in evaluating your season and in preparing for the next one.

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