A Great Game by Game Tool for Evaluating the Four Factors of Basketball Success

Do you want an easy way to evaluate the “Four Factors” in each game you play?

This #SJICoachesCorner post is a follow up to the previous ones that dealt with each of the “Four Factors of Basketball Success” separately.

There has been a wealth of information to help you analyze each factor, however like many coaches you likely want to use your analytics in a wider scope than statistic by statistic. With that in mind here is an Excel document that we hope makes it easy to evaluate all “Four Factors” for you and your opponents, game-by-game in one document. Of course this tool can be used in your current season, or you can even look back at past season’s to see trends.

Simply enter 7 stats for each team and it will automatically compute each factor, giving you a comparison of how you did compared to your opponents for each of the factors every game. It can be a good way to look at why you may have won or lost each game. For example, if a team’s eFG% and turnover rate is consistently better than their opponents, but their offensive rebounding % and free throw rate is consistently below their opponents, a coach can focus the team’s efforts in practice on improving the team’s rebounding skills and drawing more fouls.

As a reminder, listed below are Dean Oliver’s “Four Factors” and what he computes as the relative percentage of importance of each factor.

Four Factors of Basketball Success

  1. Shooting (40%) – Effective field goal %   eFG%
  2. Turnovers (25%) – Turnover rate   TR 
  3. Rebounding (20%) – Offensive rebounding %   OR%
  4. Free Throws (15%) – Free throw rate   FTR

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